Day 001

Recalling Macau in 100 days

Hi everyone I’m delighted to inform you that I am starting a drawing campaign for 100 days non-stop from 4th April till 13th July 2013 to help raise fund for ORBIS. I will draw everyday for 100 days and posting online on a daily basis, so you will witness the journey of my creative marathon. Please support me and donate online any amount you wish to Orbis by clicking the link below by pressing the blue button where says DONATE ONLINE. Thanks for your attention, like and share this out please.

Américo NevesMacau 3rd April 2013.ORBIS is an independent and non-governmental humanitarian organization which is committed to eradicating preventable blindness worldwide. With one person going blind every five seconds, it’s vital we all do what we can to help ORBIS bring hope in sight for preventably blind or visually impaired people worldwide. For further details, please click onto the following link:

If you appreciate my act, please donate to Orbis

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Doodler, mac user, book lover, comics reader, art appreciator, learning to be a painter and now drawing everyday for 100 days to fund raise for ORBIS Macau.